Since our inception in 1932, we have been dedicated to supplying the American market with high-quality products, supported by an extensive distribution network, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled after-sales service. Pierce is committed to innovation, durability, and excellence in every solution we offer.

At Pierce, we believe in the value of a lasting relationship with our customers, based on trust, exceptional technical support, and effective solutions for their needs. Together, we move towards a prosperous and sustainable future.

Agricultural solutions

We have a team of dedicated experts committed to assisting you in acquiring the most efficient irrigation system tailored to your specific needs. Our specialists conduct a meticulous analysis of every facet of your terrain, ensuring the delivery of top-tier service that extends well beyond the initial purchase.

Setting ourselves apart, we offer solutions designed not only to optimize your crop performance but also to yield significant benefits, including water conservation. We pledge to provide your crops with precisely the right amount of water at the optimal moment, thereby maximizing their growth and productivity.

Irrigation management

Irrigation pivots provide year-round autonomy, which translates into efficient and consistent agricultural production. By ensuring a constant supply of water regardless of weather conditions, farmers can plan multiple harvests and reduce risks.

This not only increases productivity, but also results in a more efficient use of water, which ultimately translates into more profitable and sustainable agriculture.

We offer a wide range of sprinklers from top brands in the specialized market, such as Komet, Senninger, and Nelson. These sprinkler systems adapt to any type of terrain, crop, and weather conditions. Our low-pressure sprinklers ensure even coverage and minimize water loss. 


Installation & comissioning

Our global engineering team is dedicated to delivering optimal designs that fully cater to our customers’ requirements, with a specific focus on water applications and achieving highly efficient irrigation outcomes.

We provide the necessary equipment and materials, and our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals undertakes the installation process to guarantee the equipment’s efficient and effective performance.

After sales service

We have a team of experts ready to offer the solution you need. In our after-sales service, we guarantee continuous support for your projects, ensuring the correct operation of our systems and providing useful information that enhances your results.

Our dealership network is second to none in timely follow-up, repair and maintenance as your needs may arise.

Quality driven

At Pierce, quality, delivery and support are core values. Our corporate culture is based on providing the highest quality, on-time delivery and unmatched support. We are committed to you and your irrigation needs.


We offer both on-site and remote training sessions to ensure the seamless performance of your system. Additionally, we provide personalized training to ensure that end-users comprehend the effective operation of our machines. Our support extends to providing customers with the latest manuals and documents relevant to our products.

Leveraging our experience, we have the expertise to train your personnel, enabling them to swiftly acquire expertise in operating the equipment.

Alkhorayef Industries is a prominent manufacturer of top-tier industrial, agricultural, and irrigation equipment with a global reach. The division boasts a rich history in Saudi agriculture, collaborating with local farmers during the early days of government subsidies to enhance the region’s agricultural sector.

Today, the company stands as a major player in the large-scale irrigation industry worldwide, contributing to the fulfillment of increasing food demands in an environmentally sustainable and profitable manner. With a robust international presence spanning Europe, North America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, and Africa, the company is well-positioned to offer comprehensive solutions to farmers globally. From the initial feasibility stage onward, Alkhorayef Industries engages with farmers, providing unparalleled support throughout every phase of their projects.