Effluent Applications

Pierce Center Pivot Irrigation Systems

Solutions for Municipal & Ag-Industry Effluents.

Regardless the task, the benefits of irrigating with reclaimed wastewater is well documented. Dairies, municipal treatment facilities, hog and poultry processing plants, canneries, and manufacturing operations have each discovered the advantage of land application for effluents. These often troublesome effluents can, in many cases, be converted to a resource for use by agricultural producers.

The use of Pierce center pivot and linear irrigation systems have proven highly effective in distributing reclaimed wastewater. Both pivots and linears provide the ability to manage application rates and meet compliance needs for monitoring agencies. Automating the equipment with System Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) can further enhance this management capability.

Our POLY-LINE™ is an effective alternative to our standard galvanized pipe.
Its unique construction makes it the perfect solution for resisting the corrosive effects associated with effluent distribution.

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is mechanically inserted into specially designed span pipe and then thermally molded to become an intregal part of the flange.This “HDPE” liner provides an inert barrier between the corresive fluid and the galvanized steel components.