Our drive unit assembly is specifically designed to meet the challenges of today’s longer span lengths.

Each component of gear motor, gearbox, coupler, shaft and wheels is engineered to deliver the torque requirements demanded by your soil and tire combinations.

High-strength motors with proven reliability and irrigation duty with an efficiency of 95%.

High-strength steel gearboxes designed to work under any conditions.



Our robust motors, known for their reliability, come in a broad range of horsepower selections. Helical and vertical motors are offered in low, medium, and high speeds, all of which are covered by our warranty.


Gearboxes crafted from high-strength steel engineered to operate effectively in all environments.


We provide an extensive selection of tire choices sourced from various manufacturers, catering to diverse field conditions.

Standard tire sizes range between 14.9”x24”, 11.2 x 24, 16.9 x 24, 11.2 x 38 and 3-Wheel Drive. These multiple tire options are available to match your span requirements and soil conditions.