Pierce CP-600

Pierce Center Pivot irrigation system

The Latest Engineering Success in the CircleMaster Line.

The all-new Pierce CircleMaster CP-600™ is the next generation of large-scale pivot irrigation.

The CP-600™ has been designed and field-tested for durability and features pace-setting advances available only with Pierce-built systems.

Our top performing Center Pivot System is an example of perfecting one aspect to make the entire unit better. Whether it’s controlling irrigating dynamics and evaporation, or components essential to drive the system, Pierce engineers have done their field work.

Check out the latest electrical and mechanical innovations of the pace-setting CircleMaster CP-600™.

Span and Tower Construction

Standardized dimensions to retrofit many existing pads. Constructed with extra cross-ties to support spans up to 203.5′. Features include galvanized removable elbow and Pierce Conduit Seal.

Pierce Center Pivot Irrigation Systems
Pierce Center Pivot Irrigation Systems

Tubular compression and diagonal force braces, a suspended span-to-tower attachment, and a lower center of gravity provide greater tower strength and roll-resistance.

Galvanized truss gussets at the truss support apex evenly distribute torque forces, enhancing strength and stability.

Pierce Center Pivot Irrigation Systems Truss Gusset
Pierce Center Pivot Irrigation Systems Truss Joiner

New truss joiner bracket design provides superior clamping force and features radiused truss rod heads on all transition points, reducing stress concentrations.

Welded ball joint and tapered weldments provide stress-free flex for smooth running on rough terrain. Since the joint is entirely outside the pipe, there is no obstruction of water floatability.

Pierce Center Pivot Irrigation Systems Tower Connection

Drive Train

Pierce Center Pivot Irrigation Systems Drive Train

Designed to meet today’s longer span lengths. Each component is engineered to deliver the torque requirements demanded by your soil and tire combinations.
Final Drive Features:
• Peak torque rated at 75,000 in/lbs
• Dual input, hot-forged steel worm gear
• 2-1⁄4″ output shaft
• Dual input and output seals
• Large input bearings and reinforced housing
• Stainless steel bellows-type expansion chamber

Hardened helical gear and all-aluminum gear case and motor housing provide years of reliable service. Also included:
• Available ratios 50:1, 40:1, 30:1 and 20:1
• Irrigation duty with 95% efficiency
• Class F insulation

Pierce Center Pivot Irrigation Systems Center Drive
Pierce Center Pivot Irrigation Systems Drive Coupler

• Heat-treated aluminum construction, self-aligning design and UV/chemical resistant urethane inserts.


To meet the varying demands of crops, terrain, and water quality, our new CircleMaster CP-600™ can be configured with various span and overhang combinations, as an all-galvanized system, or a galvanized structure with POLY-LINE™ pipe components.

Pierce Center Pivot Irrigation Systems
Pierce Center Pivot Irrigation Systems Poly Line

Our poly-lined pipe is designed as an alternative to our standard hot-dipped galvanized pipe. POLY-LINE™ combines a tough, galvanized exterior with a durable polyethylene liner to eliminate problems caused by acidic, corrosive or saline water.

Control Panels

Industrial-quality panels are offered in standard stainless steel or optional enamel-coated enclosures on both the Pierce Programmable Controller and the electro-mechanical controller (shown here). Pierce incorporates the highest quality electrical components and most advanced technology in their control packages.

Our standard electro-mechanical control panels are operator-friendly and easy to understand.

Pierce Corporation Irrigation Systems Control Panel

Ag Tires

Pierce Center Pivot Irrigation Systems Ag Tires

Multiple tire options are available to match your span requirements and soil conditions. Available in 11.2 x 24, 14.9 x 24,
16.9 x 24, 11.2 x 38.

Sprinkler Options

Application of water to best fit your crop needs is critical. That’s why Pierce offers the latest in sprinkler packages and end-gun options. Products from Nelson®, Senninger®, and Komet® are custom configured to your needs and specifications

Pierce Irrigation Systems sprinkler
Pierce Irrigation Systems sprinkler
Pierce Irrigation Systems

Tower Box

Pierce Corporation Irrigation Systems Tower Box

The tower box is constructed of white, heavy-wall UV stabilized thermoplastic with a galvanized steel base. Features include a stainless steel cam shaft and adjustable, moisture-resistant directional micros. The rigid base and oversize cam spring enhance machine alignment characteristics to reduce structural stress.

Collector Ring

Our industry-standard collector ring is sealed from the environment. Located above direct spray from water, the collector ring mounts on a stainless steel J-tube with the exclusive wedge-tight seal for years of trouble-free service.

Pierce Center Pivot Irrigation Systems Collector Ring

Positioning System

Pierce Corporation Irrigation Systems Compass

Exclusively designed by Pierce engineers, our navigation-grade positioning system simplifies set-up and eliminates the need to constantly re-calibrate for different field positions. Our unique system works off a compass directly wired to the programmable controller and is accurate to 1⁄10 of one degree. Constantly sensing magnetic North, it eliminates the tolerance challenges inherent with conventional encoders and is a great addition to towable units. (Available on ControlMaster Systems Only.)


Pierce Corporation CP-600 Brochure
Pierce Corporation Corner Master Brochure