Pierce Corporation Irrigation Systems Control Panel

The PIERCE ControlMaster™ Basic

Our basic panels are operator-friendly and easy to understand. They incorporate the highest quality electrical components and most advanced technology to effectively monitor and manage your fields.

Each panel is housed in a Stainless Steel Enclosure rated with NEMA 3R or better. Operator controls are standard electro-mechanical devices which include a Volt Meter, Hour Meter, and Percent Timers, and are operated using either push buttons or twist switches.

Panels are manufactured under strict ISO 9001 quality standards, and include:

  • Main On/Off switch.
  • Percentage timer
  • Manual or automatic start (by voltage).
  • Direction of rotation.
  • Timed 3-second safety stop.
  • External voltmeter.
  • Hour meter.
  • Auxiliary switch (e.g. fertigation pump).


  • Stop and/or start by pressure.
  • Stop by temperature (<3ºC).
  • Auto Reverse/Auto Stop system.
  • End Gun Control