Pierce Corporation Micro-Span Center Pivot Irrigation Systems

In a class of their own, PIERCE Micro Pivots and Linears are the strong, lightweight, less expensive alternative for irrigating small to medium sized fields. Their low power consumption, efficient use of energy and resources, and standardized components make them inexpensive to operate and easy to assemble.

PIERCE Micro Systems feature many of the same versatile options as our larger units. Their mobility makes them easy to reposition in multiple fields, allowing you to grow varying crops while cutting your per-acre costs. PIERCE Micro Systems are available as either Fixed or Towable Pivots OR Two, or 4-wheels Linears. The easy-to-position Swing Around Linear is also available as an upgrade.

Owners of PIERCE Micro Pivot and Linear systems recognize their value and benefits from the minute they arrive. Their low power consumption, efficient use of water, and standardized components make them inexpensive to operate and easy to assemble.

Compact Tractor Towable

The three-point hitch configuration and low profile pivot point make the lightweight AcreMaster easy to tow and reposition. Once in place, it may be secured with earth anchors, eliminating the need for concrete pads.

Pierce Corporation Towable Irrigation Systems
Pierce Center Pivot Irrigation Systems

Growers, particularly those producing turf, forage and vegetables, will benefit from the AcreMaster’s high flotation ag tires. With low ground pressure, they reduce tire rutting problems.

Rugged Construction

4-inch, all galvanized, 14 gauge pipe and Warren Truss modular construction featuring standardized parts for easy assembly and years of rugged use. Available in variable span lengths up to 132′ in 10′ increments.

In a class of its own, the AcreMaster pivot is the strong, lightweight, less expensive irrigating alternative, filling the void between conventional pivots and other forms of irrigation.

The AcreMaster is an inspired blend of quality, efficiency and economy—engineered to help you succeed.

Pierce Corporation Irrigation Systems

Advanced Features & Options

Pierce Corporation Solar Irrigation Systems

• Standardized parts for easy assembly
• 5′ sprinkler spacing accepts all current sprinkler packages
• Use 120v, 240v, or 480v Supply Power
• 1/4 HP center drive 48 volt DC motors
• 24 volt DC control circuits
• Solar capability
• Exclusive, totally enclosed oil bath gearbox and final drive
• High flotation 12″ x 26″ tubeless Ag tires
• Three-Point hitch/quick-tow pivot point
• 6′ crop clearance standard. 9′ optional

• Low pressure shutdown
• Automatic endgun
• Stall timer
• Automatic reverse
• Automatic shutdown
• Automatic restart
• Strobe light

I am a dairy farmer with little free time; I’ve used my AcreMaster for three years. It’s a good little worry-free irrigator that I am very happy with. It keeps going around and around. I don’t have to do anything to it.”

Geoff Riesen, Dairyman
Queensland, Australia


Pierce Corporation AcreMaster Pivot Brochure