New Distribution

Like most of you, the spring rush is about to come to an end. Thank God, this has been a very busy start to the irrigation season for all of us at Pierce. The good news is that Pierce has bucked the trends in the Irrigation Industry. After a great first quarter, the 2nd quarter is shaping up very nicely THANKS TO YOU! Center pivot sales have exceeded our projections. There are a lot more Pierce Pivots applying water on farms and ranches all across the U.S., Canada & for that matter the world. That is what we all like to see!

Now comes the hard part, making sure that some of the older center pivots continue to apply water to the crops. This applies not only to our pivots but also our competitor’s systems, throughout our service area. We at Pierce have long offered the highest quality center pivots. Our pivots have earned their reputation for robust design and long life. What we have not been as focused on though is providing many of the center pivot parts for competitive systems out in the field. This too is changing FAST, we are pleased to announce that as of JULY 1 2016 we will have a new warehouse operational in Idaho along with our Georgia warehouse, to serve your irrigation needs. Effective immediately you now also have access to seven strategically located blind depots. We trust this will serve your retrofit and center pivot parts needs in a much more timely fashion. The blind depot is designed to facilitate just in time inventory for your center pivot parts and retrofit needs. This includes all the items that are listed in the catalogue on this website, as well as new products, coming on line very soon.

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