Introducing John Doerksen, our new Nacional Service Manager

Originating from the heart of Texas, my childhood was marked by a unique chapter spent in Mexico, where my father made a living as a dedicated onion and watermelon farmer. Those years spent in the fields, riding alongside my dad on the tractor during watermelon harvests, introduced me a profound admiration for the irrigation systems.

At the age of 13, I delved into the world of work under my uncle’s wing, discovering a deep love for the irrigation industry. The love of becoming an irrigation dealer began to take root in my aspirations, propelling me towards a dream I was determined to reach.

Venturing through different roles within the irrigation sector, I spent a decade immersed in a building irrigation crew before transitioning to a service and maintenance role that spanned over 11 years. It was during this time that I established my skills and knowledge, eventually being a service manager for a prominent irrigation company. Specializing in GPS, telemetry, and electrical systems.

A necessary moment in my career unfolded when I managed a significant project in Puerto Rico, overseeing the installation of a linear machine designed to remediate contaminated soil.

Traveling around United States to install state-of-the-art GPS-guided lateral machines further enhanced my expertise. Six years ago, I seized the opportunity to transition into the role of an irrigation dealer for the same company, realizing a long-nurtured dream within the industry.

My Goal is to Embracing  Pierce to new heights in North America, I eagerly took on the challenge of elevating our services and support for dealers, championing innovations like iControl and telemetry to position us as key players in the irrigation landscape.

Outside of work, I find joy spending quality time with my children, coaching youth football, attending sporting events, playing Softball and going on hikes. I will be Relocating with my three wonderful kids making Texas our New Home. I am eager to continue making a lasting impact in the lives of farmers, ensuring that they have the tools and support needed to nurture their crops and communities. The fulfillment that comes from seeing a farmer’s relief and joy as their livelihood is sustained through effective irrigation solutions remains unparalleled in my eyes.

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